DigitalDonne: the Online Variorum


The transcriptions accompanying the images in each edition originated in the Donne Variorum project and have been produced by the editorial staff of the edition and various students who have assisted over the years. The following have contributed specifically to readying these files for web presentation:  Kelley Bradley, Meredith Burns, Cristina Cedillo, Dayoung Chung, Syd Conner, Maia Fallesen, Mary Farrington, Marco Garcia, Jake Heil, Annie Jones, Tracey Kniffin, Michelle Lampton, Tracy McLawhorn, Alesha Olesen, Laura Perrings, Jessica Scott, Gary Stringer, Brittany Swihart, Carly Thompson, and Beverly Van Note.

The images of the printed editions were made by Syd Conner, Stephanie Elmquist, and Tim Weaver. The photographs of the St. Paul's ms. were shot by David Cooper, the photographs of the Westmoreland ms. by the Photographic Services department of the New York Public Library, and the photographs of the O'Flahertie ms. by Harvard College Library Imaging Services.  Stephanie Elmquist scanned the Scolar Mansel facsimile of the holograph verse letter, and Maia Fallesen and Mary Farrington prepared the images for presentation on the web.

Neal Audenaert, Richard Furuta, and Carlos Monroy of the CSDL are responsible for the technical development of the section of the site containing the digital facsimile editions of the poems. Audenaert wrote the zooming script, and Monroy developed the programming enabling all the remaining presentational and analytical features. Using HTML markup, Mary Farrington created the online interface for presentation of the 1654 Letters and the holograph verse letter, and Tracy McLawhorn prepared the concordance for the volume.


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