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Bibliographical Description of the 1633 Poems

POEMS [STC 7045] first edition (Henry White copy)                    4o 1633

Title: Poems . . . London. Printed by M. F. for Iohn Marriot, and are to be sold at his shop in St Dunstans Church-yard in Fleet-Street. 1633. [see photograph].

Collation: A4 B-Z4 Aa-Zz4 Aaa-Fff4; 208 leaves.*

Contents: A1 blank; A2 title; A3r-A4r Epistle to the Progresse of the Soule (Infinitati sacrum, 16. Augusti 1601. Metempsycosis); A4v blank; B1r-Fff3v (pp. 1-406) text; Fff4 blank [see index of poems.]

* Some copies of the edition have an additional bifolium ( 2A2 ) containing the prose The Printer to the Understanders (2A1r-2A2r) and the six-line Hexastichon Bibliopolae (2A2v), signed Jo. Mar[riot]. It is inserted variously either in the middle of signature A (which places its contents in their correct position within the volume) or between signatures A and B (which illogically places the printer's address to the "Understanders" of the volume after the epistle introducing The Progresse of the Soule). Neither of Texas A&M's copies of the 1633 Poems contains this bifolium, but the university owns a detached copy of it.

Copies included in the collation of this edition:


  Yale University Library, New Haven, CT
(DFo)   Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, DC
(InU)   University of Indiana Library, Bloomington, IN
(L)   British Library, London
(M)   John Rylands Library, University of Manchester
(MH)   Harvard University Library, Boston, MA
(MiU)   University of Michigan Library, Ann Arbor, MI
(O)   Bodleian Library, Oxford
(OJn)   St. John's College, Oxford
(OWa)   Wadham College Library, Oxford

Note: Not all copies have been thoroughly collated, and their readings cannot be inferred unless explicitly reported.