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Bibliographical Description of the 1635 Poems

POEMS [STC 7046] second edition (I.A. Shapiro copy)                    8o 1635

Title: Poems . . . London Printed by M. F[letcher] for Iohn Marriot, and are to be sold at his Shop in St Dunstans Church-yard in Fleet-Street. 1635. [see photograph].

Collation: A-Z8 Aa-Dd8; 216 leaves.

Contents: A1 title; A2r-A4r The printer to the understanders; A4v Hexastichon Bibliopolae and Hexastichon ad Bibliopolam. Incerti.; A5r-A6r Epistle to The Progresse of the Soule; A6v blank; A7r-Bb8 (pp. 1-388) text; Cc1r-Dd8r Elegies upon the Author (errata, 6 lines, at bottom of Dd8r signed, Thine, I.M.); Dd8v blank. [see index of poems.]

Copies included in the collation of this edition:


  Yale University Library, New Haven, CT
(MH)   Harvard University Library, Boston, MA
(MiU)   University of Michigan Library, Ann Arbor, MI
(CSmH)   Huntington Library, San Marino, CA

Note: Not all copies have been thoroughly collated, and their readings cannot be inferred unless explicitly reported.