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Cor3:    Nativity ["Immensity cloistered in thy dear womb"]    p. 74
Cor4:    Temple ["With his kind mother who partakes thy woe"]    p. 74
Cor5:    Crucifying ["By miracles exceeding power of man"]    p. 75
Cor6:    Resurrection ["Moist with one drop of thy blood"]    p. 75
Cor7:    Ascension ["Salute the last and everlasting day"]    p. 76
prose:        pp. 77 - 88
Hero:    Hero and Leander ["Both robbed of air"]    p. 89
Pyr:    Pyramus and Thisbe ["Two by themselves each other"]    p. 89
Niobe:    Niobe. ["By children's birth and death"]    p. 89
Ship:    A Burnt Ship ["Out of a fired ship"]    p. 89
Wall:    Fall of a Wall ["Under an undermined and shot-bruised wall"]    p. 89
Beggar:    A Lame Beggar ["I am unable, yonder beggar cries"]    p. 89
Cales:    Cales & Guiana ["If you from spoil"]    p. 89
Wing:    Sir John Wingfield ["Beyond th'old pillars"]    p. 89
SelfAc:    A Self Accuser ["Your mistress, that you follow whores"]    p. 89
Licent:    A Licentious Person ["Thy sins and hairs"]    p. 89
Antiq:    Antiquary ["If in his study"]    p. 90
Jug:    The Juggler ["Thou callest me effeminate"]    p. 90
Disinher:    Disinherited ["Thy father all from thee"]    p. 90
Liar:    The Liar ["Thou in the fields walkest"]    p. 90
Merc:    Mercurius Gallo-belgicus. ["Like ├Žsop's fellow Slaves"]    p. 90
Phrine:    Phrine ["Thy flattering picture Phrine"]    p. 90
Philo:    An Obscure Writer ["Philo with twelve years' study"]    p. 90
Klock:    Klockius ["Klockius so deeply hath sworn"]    p. 90
Martial:    Raderus ["Why this man gelded Martial"]    p. 90
Ralph:    Ralphius ["Compassion in the world again is bred"]    p. 90
Jet:    A Jet Ring Sent ["Thou art not so black"]    p. 91
:    blank page    pp. 92 - 100
:    back matter showing bookplate    p. 101
:    back matter with flap down    p. 102
:    back cover    p. 103
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