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RWZeal:    To Mr. R. W. ["Zealously my muse"]    p. 55
RWMind:    To Mr. R. W. ["Muse not that by thy mind"]    p. 56
CB:    To Mr. C. B. ["Thy freind whom thy deserts"]    p. 56
EG:    To Mr. E. G. ["Even as lame things"]    p. 57
RWSlumb:    To Mr. R. W. ["If as mine is thy life a slumber be"]    p. 58
RWEnvy:    To Mr. R. W. ["Kindly I envy thy Song's"]    p. 59
SB:    To Mr. S. B. ["O thou which to search"]    p. 59
ILRoll:    To Mr. I. L. ["Of that short roll"]    p. 60
BB:    To Mr. B. B. ["Is not thy sacred hunger"]    pp. 60 - 61
ILBlest:    To Mr. I. L. ["Blest are your north parts"]    p. 61
:    blank page    p. 62
HSMade:    "Thou hast made me"    p. 63
HSDue:    "As due by many titles"    p. 63
HSSigh:    "O might those sighs"    p. 64
HSPart:    "Father part of his double interest"    p. 64
HSBlack:    "Oh my black soul"    p. 65
HSScene:    "This is my plays last scene"    p. 65
HSLittle:    "I am a little world"    p. 66
HSRound:    "At the round earths imagined corners"    p. 66
HSMin:    "If poisonous minerals"    p. 67
HSSouls:    "If faithful souls"    p. 67
HSDeath:    "Death be not proud"    p. 68
HSWilt:    "Wilt thou love God"    p. 68
HSSpit:    "Spit in my face"    p. 69
HSWhy:    "Why are we by all creatures"    p. 69
HSWhat:    "What if this present"    p. 70
HSBatter:    "Batter my heart"    p. 70
HSShe:    "Since she whom I loved"    p. 71
HSShow:    "Show me dear Christ"    p. 71
HSVex:    "O to vex me"    p. 72
Cor1:    La Corona ["Deign at my hands"]    p. 73
Cor2:    Annunciation ["Salvation to all that will is nigh"]    p. 73
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