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:    blank pages    pp. 243 - 244
ValMourn:    Sonnets and Songs Upon the parting from his M.rs ["As virtuous Men pass mildly away"]    pp. 245 - 246
ValWeep:    Valediction. 2. of Tears ["Let me pour forth"]    pp. 246 - 247
ValBook:    Valediction 3. of the Book ["I'll tell thee now"]    pp. 247 - 249
ValName:    Valediction 4. Of Glass    pp. 250 - 252
LovAlch:    Mumy ["Some that have deeper digged"]    p. 253
Twick:    Twickham Garden ["Blasted with Sighs and Surrounded with tears"]    p. 254
Triple:    A Song ["I am 2 fools I know"]    p. 255
Appar:    The Apparition ["When by thy scorn"]    p. 256
noncan:    Sonnet ["Madame that flea wch crept"]    p. 256
WomCo:    Woman's Constancy ["Now thou has loved me one whole day"]    p. 257
Compu:    "for my first Twenty years since yesterday"    p. 257
Break:    Sonnet ["Tis true tis day"]    p. 258
Canon:    The Canonization ["For God's sake hold your tongue"]    pp. 258 - 259
SunRis:    Ad Solem. To the Sun Song ["Busy old fool, unruly Sun"]    p. 260
Leg:    Song ["When I died last"]    p. 261
Broken:    "He is stark mad"    p. 262
Mess:    Song ["Send home my long strayed eyes"]    p. 263
Image:    Elegy. ["Image of her whom I love"]    p. 264
LovDiet:    Love's Diet ["To what a cumbersome unwieldiness"]    p. 265
LovDeity:    Love's Deity ["I long to talk with some old Lover's ghost"]    p. 266
Will:    The Will ["Before I sigh my last gasp"]    pp. 267 - 269
NegLov:    Negative Love; or The Nothing ["I never stooped so low as they"]    p. 269
Jet:    A Jeate Ring Sent ["Thou art not so black as my Hart"]    p. 269
Dream:    The Dream ["Dear love for nothing less"]    p. 270
Fever:    The Fever. ["Oh do not die"]    p. 271
Flea:    The Flea ["Mark but this flea"]    p. 272
Lect:    The Shadow ["Stand still and I will read to thee"]    p. 273
LovGrow:    The Spring ["I scarce believe my love to be so pure"]    p. 274
Air:    Air and Angels ["Twice or thrice had I loved"]    p. 275
Witch:    Picture ["I fix mine eye on thine"]    p. 276
noncan:    The Hour Glass ["Do but consider this small dust"]    p. 276
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