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TWHail:    A Letter    p. 198
RWThird:    A letter to Rowland Woodward ["Like one who in her third widowhood"]    pp. 199 - 200
HWNews:    To Sir Henry Wotton ["Here's no more News"]    pp. 200 - 201
HWKiss:    To Sir Henry Wotton. ["Sir more then kisses"]    pp. 202 - 204
BedfReas:    To the Countess of Bedford ["Reason is our Soul's left hand"]    pp. 204 - 205
EdHerb:    To Sir Edward Herbert ["Man is a lump"]    pp. 206 - 207
BedfShe:    To the Lady Bedford. ["You that are She"]    pp. 208 - 209
Carey:    To the Lady Cary and her Sister M.rs Essex Rich From Aymens ["Madame. Here whereby all, all Saints"]    pp. 209 - 212
noncan:    To Sir Tho. Rowe. 1603 ["Deare Tom./ Tell her if shee to hired"]    pp. 212 - 213
noncan:    A Letter. ["No want of duty"]    p. 213
noncan:    A Letter ["Thou sendst me prose"]    p. 214
TWHence:    "At once from hence"    pp. 214 - 215
TWHarsh:    To Mr T. W. ["Hast thee harsh verse"]    p. 215
BB:    To M.r B. B. ["Is not thy Sacred hunger of Science"]    p. 216
CB:    To M.r C. B. ["Thy frind, whom thy deserts"]    p. 217
TWPreg:    To M.r T. W. ["Pregnant again with th' old Twins Hope and Fear"]    p. 217
SB:    To M.r S. B. ["O Thou, which to search"]    p. 218
ILRoll:    To M.r I. L. ["Of that short roll of friends"]    p. 218
RWSlumb:    To M.r R. W. ["If, as mine is, thy life a Slumber be"]    p. 219
ILBlest:    To M.r I. L. ["Blest are your Northparts"]    p. 220
HWVenice:    To Sir Henry Wootton at his going Embassador to Venice ["After those reverend papers"]    pp. 220 - 221
BedfWrit:    To the Countess of B. ["T'have written then"]    pp. 222 - 224
BedfTwi:    To the Countess of B. at Newyears tide. ["This Twilight of two years"]    pp. 224 - 226
HuntMan:    To the Countess of Huntingdon. ["Man to Gods Image"]    pp. 227 - 229
Sappho:    Sappho to Philaenis ["Where is that holy fire"]    pp. 229 - 231
Sal:    To the Countess of Salisbury ["Fair Great and Good"]    pp. 231 - 233
Storm:    To M.r Christopher Brooke from The Island voyage with the E. of Essex The Storm ["Thou which art I"]    pp. 233 - 236
Calm:    The Calm ["Our storm is past"]    pp. 236 - 238
MHPaper:    To M.rs M. H. ["Mad paper stay and grudge"]    pp. 238 - 240
ED :    To E. of D. with 6 Holy Sonnets. ["See Sir how as the Sun's hot masculine flame"]    p. 240
BedfDead:    To the Countess of Bedford ["Though I be dead and buried"]    pp. 240 - 241
Sal:    To the Countess of Salisbury    pp. 241 - 242
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