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noncan:    Elegy ["True love finds wit"]    p. 143
ElExpost:    The Expostulation. ["To make the doubt clear that no woman's true"]    pp. 144 - 146
noncan:    Elegy ["The greatest and the most conceal'd imposter"]    p. 146
noncan:    Elegy Fragment ["Now why should Love a footeboyes place despise"]    p. 147
noncan:    "Believe not him whom love hath made so wise"    p. 148
noncan:    "Pure link of bodies"    p. 148
noncan:    Elegy. X ["Who so terms love a fire"]    p. 149
Julia:    Elegy. Julia ["Heark news, o Envy"]    pp. 150 - 151
noncan:    Elegy. To Chaste Love. ["Chaste Love, let me embrace thee in mine arms"]    p. 151
noncan:    Upon his Scornful Mistress. Elegy. X ["Cruel since that thou dost not fear the curse"]    p. 152
SelfL:    Elegy. ["He that cannot choose but love"]    p. 153
ElBrac:    Elegy. To a lady whose chain was lost The Bracelet Armilla ["Not that in color it was like thy hair"]    pp. 154 - 156
BedfCab:    Epicedes and Obsequies Upon the Deaths of Several Persons To the Countess of Bedford ["Madame/ That I might make your Cabinet my Tomb"]    pp. 161 - 162
Mark:    A Funeral Elegy upon the deaths of the Lady Markham ["Man is the world, and death the Ocean"]    pp. 162 - 163
Sorrow:    Elegy funer. ["Sorrow which to this house scarce knew the way"]     p. 164
BoulRec:    Upon the Death of M.rs Boulstred ["Death I recant"]    pp. 165 - 167
noncan:    "Death be not proud"    pp. 167 - 168
BoulNar:    Another upon the same M.rs Boulsted. ["Language thou are too narrow and too weak"]    pp. 169 - 170
noncan:    Upon the same M.rs Boulstred ["Stay view this stone"]    p. 171
noncan:    "Here do repose"    p. 171
HarLtr:    To the Countess of Bedford Sister to the Lord Harrington    p. 172
Har :    Obsequies to the Lord Harrington the last that died ["Fair Soul, which wast not onely, as all Souls be"]    pp. 173 - 181
HamLtr:    To Sir Robert Carr ["Sir I presume you rather try"]    pp. 181 - 182
Ham :    A Hymn to the Saints and To the Marquesse Hamilton ["Whether the Soul that now comes up to you"]    pp. 182 - 183
Henry:    Elegy on Prince Henry ["Look to me faith"]    pp. 183 - 186
EtAD:    Annae    p. 187
:    blank pages    p. 188
HG:    Letters to Several Personages. To Sir Henry Goodyeare moving him to travel. ["Who makes the past a pattern for next year"]    pp. 189 - 190
BedfHon:    To the Countess of Bedford. ["Madame Honor is so sublime perfection"]    pp. 191 - 193
BedfRef:    To the Countess of Bedford. Twitnam ["Madame. You have refined me"]    pp. 193 - 195
noncan:    To Ben:Johnson. 6 Fan. 1603. ["The State and Men's affairs are the best plays"]    p. 196
noncan:    To Ben: Johnson. 9 Nov.m 1603 ["If great men wrong me"]    p. 197
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