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noncan:    An Elegy on D. Donne: By Sir Lucius Cary ["Poëts attend"]    pp. 383 - 385
noncan:    On Dr. Donne's death: by M. Mayne of Christ-Church in Oxford ["Who shall presume to mourne"]    pp. 386 - 388
noncan:    Upon Mr. J. Donne, and his Poëms (by Arth. Wilson) ["Who dares say"]    pp. 388 - 390
noncan:    Epitaph upon D. Donne, by Endy. Porter ["This decent Vrne"]    pp. 390 - 391
noncan:    In memory of Dr. Donne, By Mr. R. B. ["Donne dead"]    pp. 391 - 394
noncan:    Epitaph ["Here lies Deane Donne"]    p. 394
prose:    News from the very Country ["That it is a Frippery of Courtiers, Merchants and others"]    pp. 395 - 396
Amic:    Amicissimo et Meritissimo Ben Jonson ["Quod arte ausus es hic tua"]    pp. 396 - 397
prose:    ["Aevum forsiri sumus quo plane indoctis nihil turpius"]    pp. 397 - 398
prose:    Catalogus Librorum ["1. Nicolai Hill Angli, de sexu et Hermaphroditate"]    pp. 398 - 401
noncan:    In Sacram Anchoram Piscatoris (? by G. Herbert) ["Quod Crux nequibat fixa Clavique additi"]     p. 402
noncan:    In Sacram Anchoram Piscatoris (translation) ["Although the Cross could not Christ here detain"]    p. 403
Gherb:    To Mr. George Herbert, with one of my Seal, of the Anchor and Christ ["Qui prius assuetus Serpentum"]    p. 404
noncan:    To Mr. George Herbert, with one of my Seal, ... (translation) ["A sheaf of Snakes used heretofore to be"]    p. 405
noncan:    "Ut primum per literas, eo quo solent ordine"]    pp. 406 - 409
Gaz:    Translated out of Gazaeus ["God grant thee thine own wish"]    p. 409
noncan:    To Lucy, Countesse of Bedford, with M. Donnes Satyres (by Ben Jonson) ["Lucy, you brightness of our Sphear"]    p. 410
noncan:    To John Donne (by Ben Jonson) ["Who shall doubt, Donne, where I a Poet be"]    p. 411
ElVar:    Variety ["The heavens rejoice in motion"]    pp. 411 - 414
SelfL:    Self Love ["He that cannot choose but love"]    p. 414
:    back matter    pp. 415 - 419
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