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HSSpit:    "Spit in my face"    p. 317
HSWhy:    "Why are we by all creatures"    p. 317
HSWhat:    "What if this present"    p. 318
HSBatter:    "Batter my heart"    p. 318
HSWilt:    "Wilt thou love God"    p. 319
HSPart:    "Father part of his double interest"    p. 319
noncan:    On the blessed Virgin Mary ["In that, รด Queene of Queenes"]    p. 320
Cross:    The Cross ["Since Christ embraced"]    pp. 320 - 322
noncan:    Psalme 137 ["By Euphrates flowry side"]    pp. 322 - 325
Res:    Resurrection Imperfect ["Sleep, sleep, old sun"]    pp. 325 - 326
Ham-Ltr:    To Sir Robert Carr ["Sir, I Presume you rather trie"]    p. 326
Ham:    A Hymn to Saints and to the Marquis Hamilton ["Whether that soul which now comes"]    pp. 327 - 328
Annun:    Upon the Annunciation and Passion ["Tamely frail body"]    pp. 328 - 329
Goodf:    Goodfriday, 1613. Riding Westward ["Let man's soul be a sphere"]    pp. 330 - 331
Lit:    A Litany ["Father of heaven and him"]    pp. 331 - 342
Sidney:    Upon the Translation of the Psalms by Sir Philip Sidney ["Eternal God, (for whom who ever dare ...)"]    pp. 342 - 343
noncan:    Ode ["Vengeance will sit above our faults"]    p. 344
Tilman:    To Mr. Tilman after He Had Taken Orders ["Thou whose diviner soul"]    pp. 344 - 346
Christ:    A Hymn to Christ at the Author's Last Going into Germany ["In what torn ship soever"]    pp. 346 - 347
noncan:    On the Sacrament ["He was the Word that spake it"]    p. 347
Lam:    The Lamentations of Jeremy ["How sits this city"]    pp. 348 - 362
Sickness:    A Hymn to God My God, in My Sickness ["Since I am coming"]    pp. 362 - 363
Father:    A Hymn to God the Father ["Wilt thou forgive"]    pp. 363 - 364
noncan:    To The Memorie of My Ever Desired Friend Dr. Donne (by H.K.) ["To have liv'd eminent"]    pp. 364 - 366
noncan:    "In obitum venerabilis viri Iohannis Donne" (by Daniel Darnelly)    pp. 366 - 369
noncan:    On the death of Dr Donne (by Edw. Hyde) ["I Cannot blame those men"]     p. 370
noncan:    On Doctor Donne, by Dr C. B. of O. ["Hee that would write an Epitaph for thee"]    pp. 370 - 371
noncan:    An Elegy upon the imcomparable Dr. Donne (by Hen. Valentine) ["All is not well"]    pp. 371 - 373
noncan:    An Elegy upon Dr. Donne (by Iz. Wa.) ["Our Donne is dead"]    pp. 373 - 375
noncan:    Elegy on D.D. (by Sidney Godolphin) ["Now, by one yeare"]    pp. 375 - 377
noncan:    On Doctor John Donne, late Dean of S. Paules, London (by I. Chudleigh) ["Long since this taske of teares"]    pp. 377 - 379
noncan:    An Elegy upon the death of the Deane of Paul's, Dr. John Donne, by M. Tho. Carie ["Can we not force"]    pp. 380 - 382
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