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noncan:    Davidson's Psalm 137 ["By Euphrates' flowry side"]    pp. 345 - 348
Res:    Resurrection Imperfect ["Sleep, sleep, old sun"]    pp. 348 - 349
prose:    To Sir Robert Carr ["Sir, I presume you rather try"]    p. 349
Ham:    A Hymn to Saints and to the Marquis Hamilton ["Whether that soul which now comes"]    pp. 350 - 351
Annun:    Upon the Annunciation and Passion ["Tamely frail body"]    pp. 351 - 353
Goodf:    Goodfriday, 1613. Riding Westward ["Let man's soul be a sphere"]    pp. 353 - 354
Lit:    A Litany ["Father of heaven and him"]    pp. 354 - 366
Sidney:    Upon the Translation of the Psalms by Sir Philip Sidney ["Eternal God, (for whom who ever dare …)"]    pp. 366 - 368
noncan:    Ode ["Vengeance will sit above our faults"]    p. 368
Tilman:    To Mr. Tilman after He Had Taken Orders ["Thou whose diviner soul"]    pp. 369 - 370
Christ:    A Hymn to Christ at the Author's Last Going into Germany ["In what torn ship soever"]    pp. 370 - 371
noncan:    On the Sacrament ["He was the Word that spake it"]    p. 372
Lam:    The Lamentations of Jeremy ["How sits this city"]    pp. 372 - 386
BedfCab:    Epitaph on Himself: To the Countess of Bedford ["My fortune and my choice"]    pp. 386 - 387
Sickness:    A Hymn to God My God, in My Sickness ["Since I am coming"]    pp. 387 - 388
Father:    A Hymn to God the Father ["Wilt thou forgive"]    p. 388
noncan:    To The Memory of My Ever Desired Friend Dr. Donne (by H.K.) ["To have liv'd eminent"]    pp. 389 - 390
noncan:    "In obitum venerabilis viri Iohannis Donne" (by Daniel Darnelly)    pp. 391 - 393
noncan:    On the Death of Dr. Donne (by Edw. Hyde) ["I cannot blame those men"]    p. 394
noncan:    On Doctor Donne, by Dr. C. B. of O. ["Hee that would write an epitaph for thee"]    pp. 394 - 395
noncan:    An Elegy upon the Incomparable Dr. Donne (by Hen. Valentine) ["All is not well"]     pp. 395 - 397
noncan:    An Elegy upon Dr. Donne (by Iz. Wa.) ["Our Donne is dead"]    pp. 397 - 399
noncan:    Elegy on D.D. (by Sidney Godolphin) ["Now, by one year"]    pp. 400 - 401
noncan:    On Doctor John Donne, late Dean of S. Paul's, London (by I. Chudleigh) ["Long since this task of tears"]    pp. 401 - 404
noncan:    An Elegy upon the Death of the Dean of Paul's, Dr. John Donne: By Mr. Tho: Carie ["Can we not force"]    pp. 404 - 407
noncan:    An Elegy on Dr. Donne: By Sir Lucius Carie ["Poets attend, the elegy I sing"]    pp. 407 - 410
noncan:    On Dr. Donne's Death: By Mr. Mayne of Christ-Church in Oxford ["Who shall presume to mourn thee"]    pp. 410 - 412
noncan:    Upon Mr. J. Donne, and his Poems (by Arth. Wilson) ["Who dares say thou art dead"]    pp. 413 - 414
noncan:    Epitaph upon Dr. Donne, by Endy: Porter. ["This decent urne"]    p. 415
noncan:    In Memory of Doctor Donne: By Mr. R. B. ["Donne dead? 'Tis here reported"]    pp. 416 - 419
noncan:    Epitaph ["Here lies Dean Donne"]    p. 419
prose:    Errata (by I. M.) ["Curteous Reader"]    p. 419
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