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HuntUn:    To the Countess of Huntingdon ["That unripe side of earth"]    pp. 191 - 195
noncan:    A Dialogue betweene Sr. Henry Wotton, and Mr. Donne ["If her disdaine"]    pp. 195 - 196
BedfDead:    To the Countess of Bedford ["Though I be dead and buried"]    p. 197
Carey:    A Letter to the Lady Carey and Mrs. Essex Rich ["Here where by all"]    pp. 198 - 200
Sal:    To the Countess of Salisbury ["Fair, great, and good"]    pp. 201 - 203
BedfShe:    Elegy to the Lady Bedford ["You that are she"]    pp. 204 - 205
Sappho:    Sappho to Philaenis ["Where is that holy fire"]    pp. 205 - 207
noncan:    To Ben. Johnson, 6 Jan. 1603 ["The state and men's affairs"]    pp. 207 - 208
noncan:    To Ben. Johnson, 9. November, 1603 ["If great men wrong me"]    pp. 208 - 209
noncan:    To Sir Tho. Rowe. 1603 ["Dear Tom: Tell her if she to hired servants shew"]    pp. 209 - 210
Praise:    To the praise of the dead, and the Anatomie (by Joseph Hall) ["Well dy'de the World"]    pp. 211 - 213
FirAn:    The First Anniversary. An Anatomy of the World ["When that rich soul"]    pp. 213 - 228
FunEl:    A Funeral Elegy ["'Tis lost to trust a tomb"]    pp. 228 - 231
Harb:    The Harbinger to the Progresse (by Joseph Hall) ["Two Soules move here"]    pp. 232 - 233
SecAn:    The Second Anniv ["Nothing could make me sooner"]    pp. 234 - 250
Henry:    Elegy on the Untimely Death of … Prince Henry ["Look to me faith"]    pp. 251 - 254
prose:    To the Countess of Bedford. ["Madam, I have learn'd by those laws"]    p. 255
Har:    Obsequies upon the Lord Harrington ["Fair soul, which wast not only"]    pp. 256 - 264
Mark:    Elegie on the Lady Markham ["Man is the world"]    pp. 264 - 266
BoulRec:    Elegy on Mrs. Boulstrode ["Death, I recant"]    pp. 266 - 268
ElFatal:    On His Mistress ["By our first strange and fatal interview"]    pp. 269 - 270
BedfCab:    Epitaph on Himself: To the Countess of Bedford ["That I might make your cabinet"]    p. 271
noncan:    Elegy on Mistress Boulstred ["Death be not proud, thy hand gave not this blow"]    pp. 272 - 273
Sorrow:    Elegia ["Sorrow, who to this house"]    p. 274
prose:    Hen. Goodeere ["Etiam vulgari linguâ scriptæ"]    pp. 275 - 277
Libro:    De Libro Cum Mutuaretur ["Doctissimo Amicissimoque v. D. D. Andrews"]    p. 278
prose:    To Sir H. G. ["I send not my letters as tribute"]    pp. 279 - 281
prose:    To Sir H. G. ["Sir, Nature hath made all bodies like"]    pp. 281 - 283
prose:    To the La. G. ["Madame, I am not come out of England"]    pp. 283 - 284
prose:    To my honor'd friend G. G. Esquire ["Sir, Neither your letters"]    pp. 285 - 286
prose:    To my honor'd friend G. G. Esquire ["Sir, I should not only send"]    pp. 286 - 287
prose:    To my honor'd friend G. G. Esquire ["Sir, This advantage you and my other friends have"]    pp. 288 - 289
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