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Eleg: 5.a|
Oh let not me serve so, as those men serve [f. 16v]
Whom honors smokes at once fatten & sterue;
Poorely enrich't wt great mens words or looks
Nor so write my name in thy loving books
As those idolatrous flatterers; wch still
There Princes Stiles, wt many Realmes fullfill
Whence they no tribute haue, & where no sway:
Such Seruices I offer, as shall pay
Themselues: I hate dead Names; Oh then let mee
Fauorit in ordinary or no fauorit bee.
When my Soule was in her owne body sheathd
Nor yet by othes betrothd, nor kisses breathd
Into my Purgatory, faythles thee,
Thy hart seem'd waxe, & Steele thy constancee.
So careles flowers strawd on ye waters face
The curled whirlepooles suck, smack, and embrace
Yet drowne them: So the tapers beamy ey
Amorously twinckling beckens the giddy fly
Yet burnes his wings: & such ye Deuil is
Scare visiting them who are intyrely his.
When I behold a Streame, wch frō the Spring
Doth wt doutfull melodious murmuring
Or in a speechles slumber calmely ride
Her wedded channels bosome, & then chide
And bend her browes, & swell yf any bow
Do but stoope downe to kisse her vpmost brow;
Yet if her often gnawing kisses win
The trayterous banke to gape & let her in
She rusheth violently, & doth diuorce
Her frō her native & her long kept course
And rores & braues it, and in gallant skorne
In flattering eddyes promising retorne
She flouts ye Channell, who thenceforth is dry
Then say I That is Shee, and This ame I.
Yet let not thy deepe bitternes begett
Careles despayre in mee, for yt will whett
My mind to skorne, And Oh Love dulld wt payne
Was nere so wise, nor well arm'd as disdayne.
Then wth new eyes I shall survay thee, and spy
Death in thy cheekes; and darknesse in thyne ey.