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Eleg: 3a.|
Once and but once found in thy companee [f. 15]
All thy suppos'd escapes are layd on mee.
And as a thiefe at barr is questiond there
By all the Men, yt haue beene robd yt yeare,
So am I, (by this trayterous meanes surprizd)
By thy Hydroptique father catechiz'd.
Though he had wont to search wt glazed eyes
As though he came to kill a Cocatrice,
Though he haue ofte sworne yt he would remove
Thy bewtyes bewty, and food of or love,
Hope of his goods, yf I wt thee weare seene
Yet close and secret as or Soules we'haue beene.
Though thy im̀„ortall Mother wch doth ly
Still buried in her bed, yet will not dy,
Take this advantage to sleepe out day-light
And watch thy entryes and returnes all night,
And when She takes thy hand, and would seeme kind
Doth search what rings & armelets she can find,
And kissing notes the color of thy face
And fearing least thou'art swolne doth thee embrace,
And to try yf thou long doth name strange meates
And notes thy palenes, blushings, sighes, & sweates,
And politiquely will to thee confes
The Sins of her owne Youths ranke Lustines,
Yet loue these Sorceryes did remoue, and move
Thee to gull thyne owne Mother for my love.
Thy litle brethren wch like faery sprights
Ofte skipt into or chamber those sweete nights
And kist and ingled on thy fathers knee
Weare brib'd next day to tell what they did see.
The grimm eight foot high Iron bound Seruing man
That ofte names God in othes and only than
He yt to barr the first gate doth as wide
As ye great Rhodian Colossus stride,
Wch if in hell no other paynes ther were
Makes me feare hell because he must be there.