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Elegia .1.a|
Not yt in color it was like thy haire [f. 12]
For armelets of that thou maist let me weare;
Nor yt thy hand it ofte embrac'd & kist,
For so it had that good, wch ofte I mist,
Nor for yt sely old moralitee
That as those Lincks are tyed or loue should bee
Mourne I: yt I thy seuenfold chayne haue lost
Nor for ye lucks sake but the bitter cost.
Oh shall twelve righteous Angels wch as yet
No leauen of vile sodder did admitt;
Nor yet by any taint haue stray'd or gone
From the first State of the Creation;
Angels wch heauen com̀„anded to prouide
All things to me, and be my faythfull guide
To gayne new frinds, to'appease great enemyes
To comfort my Soule when I ly or rise;
Shall these twelue innocents, by thy seuere
Sentence, dradd Iudge, my sins great burden beare?
Shall they be damn'd and in ye furnace throwne
And punisht for offenses, not their owne.
They saue not me, they do not ease my paynes
When in yt hell they'are burn'd and tyed in chaynes.
Weare they but crownes of France, I cared not
for most of them their naturall cuntry rott
I thinke possesseth, they come here to vs
So leane, so pale, so lame, so ruinous,
And howsoere french kings most Christian bee
Their crownes are circumcis'd most Iewishly.
Or weare they Spanish Stampes, still trauailing
That are become as Catholique as their king
Those vnlick'd beare-whelps, vnfil'd pistolets,
That more then Canon shotts auayles or letts,
Wch negligently lefte vnrounded looke
Like many angled figures in ye booke