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Away thou changeling motley humorist, [f. 2]
Leaue me, and in this standing wodden chest
Consorted wth these few bookes, lett me ly
In prison, and here be coffind, when I dy.
Here are Gods conduits graue Diuines: & here
Natures Secretary, the Philosopher.
And ioly Statesmen, wch teach how to ty
The Sinews of a Citties mistique body.
Here gathering Chroniclers, and by them stand
Giddy fantastique Poets of each Land.
Shall I leaue all this constant companee
And follow headlong, wild, vncertaine thee?
First sweare by thy best loue in earnest
(If thou wch Lovst all, canst loue any best)
Thou wilt not leaue me in ye middle Street
Though some more spruce companion thou do meet.
Not though a Captane do come in thy way
Bright parcell-guilt wt forty dead mens pay.
Nor though a briske perfum'd pert Courtier
Deigne wt a nod thy curtesy to answer.
Nor come a veluet Iustice wt a long
Great traine of blew-cotes 12 or 14 strong,
Shallt thou girne and fawne on him, or prepare
A Speach to court his bewteous Sone and heire.
For better and worse take me, or leaue mee
To take and leaue me, is adulteree.
O Monster, superstitious Puritane
Of refind manners, yet ceremonial man.
That when thou meetst one, wt inquyring eyes
Dost search, and like a needy broker prize
The silke and gould he weares, and to that rate
So high or low dost vaile thy formall hatt.
That wilt consort none, vntill thou haue knowen
What Lands he hath in hope, or of his owne.
As though all thy companions should make thee
Ioyntures, and mary thy deare companee.