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Other Meditations
Spitt in my face yee Iewes, and pierce my side [31]
Buffet and scoffe, scourge and crucify mee
ffor I haue sinnd and sinnd, and only hee
Who could doe no iniquity, hath dyd
But by my death cannot bee satisfyd
My sinnes wch passe the Iewes impiety
They killd once an inglorious man, but I
Crucify Him dayly beeing now glorifyd
O let mee then his strange loue still admire
kings pardon, but hee bore our punishment
And Iacob came clothd in vile harsh attyre
But to supplant, and with gaynefull intent.
God clothd himselfe in vile mans flesh, that so
Hee might bee weake enough to suffer woe
Why are wee by all creatures wayted on?
Why do the prodigall elements supply
Life and foode to mee beeing more pure then I
Simpler and farther from corruption?
Why brookst thou, ignorant horse, subiection?
Why dost thou Bull and Beare so sillily
Dissemble weakenesse and by one mans stroke dye
Whose whole kind you might swallow and feede vpon?
Weaker I am woe is mee, and worse then you
You haue not sinnd, nor neede bee timerous.
But wonder at a greate wonder, for to vs
Created Nature doth these things subdue
But theyr Creator whome sinne nor Nature tyd
ffor vs his Creatures and his foes hath dyd

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