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If Poysonous Mineralls, or if the Tree [29]
Whose fruite threw death on (else im̄ortall) vs
If leacherous Goats, if Serpents enuious
Cannot bee damnd, Alas why should I bee?
Why should intent and reason borne in mee
Make Sinnes (else æquall) in mee more haynous?
And mercy beeing easy and glorious
To God, in his sterne wrath why threatens hee?
But who am I that dare dispute with thee
O God? O of thy onely worthy bloud
And my teares make a heauenly Lethean floud
And drowne in it my sinns black memory
That thou remember them no more as dett
I thinke it mercy if thou wilt forget
If faythfull soules bee alike glorifyd
As Angels, then my fathers soule doth see
And adds this even to full fælicity
That valiantly I Hells wide mouth or'e stride
But if our minds to these soules bee descryd
By circumstances and by signes that bee
Apparant in vs not im̄ediatly
How shall my minds white truth by them bee try'd?
They see Idolatrous louers weepe and mourne
And vild blasphemous Coniurers to call
On Iesus name, and Pharisaicall
Dissemblers fayne deuotion. Then turne:
Ô pensiue soule, to God, for hee knowes best
Thy greefe, for hee put it into my brest

[CW: Death]