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I am a little world made cunningly [28]
Of Elements, and an Angelike Spright
But black Sinne hath betrayd* to endlesse night
My worlds both parts, and |oh| both parts must dye.
You w.ch beyond that Heauen w.ch was most high
Haue found new Spheares, and of new land can write
Powre new seas in mine eyes, that so I might
Drowne my world with my weeping earnestly,
Or washe it, if it must bee drownd no more.
But oh it must bee burnt, alas the fire
Of Lust and Enuy hath burnt it heeretofore
And made it fowler, Let theyr flames retyre
And burne mee ô Lord, with a fiery zeale
Of thee and thy house, wch doth in eating heale
At the round Earths imagind Corners blowe
Yor Trumpets Angels and, arise, arise
ffrom death you numberlesse Infinities
Of Soules, and to yor scatterd bodyes goe
All whome the floud did and fire shall or'e throw
All whome Warre|, Death, Age| Agues, Tyrannies,
Dispayre, Law, Chance hath slayne. And you whose eyes
Shall behold God, and neuer tast deaths woe.
But let them sleepe (Lord), and mee mourne a space
ffor if aboue all these my sinnes abound
Tis late to aske abundance of thy grace
When wee are there. Heere on this lowly ground
Teach mee how to repent, for that's as good
As if th'hadst seald my pardon with thy bloud

[CW: If__]