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O might those Sighs and teares returne agayne [26]
Into my brest and eyes, wch I haue spent,
That I might in this holy discontent
Mourne, with some fruite, as I haue mournd in vayne,
In mine Idolatry. what showers of rayne
Mine eyes did wast? what greefes my hart did rent?
That sufferance was my sinne I now repent,
'Cause I did suffer I must suffer payne.
Th' Hydroptique drunkard, and night scouting theefe
The itchy Letcher, and selfe-tickling proude
Haue the remembrance of past ioyes, for releefe
of com̄ing Ills. To (poore) mee is allowd
No ease, for long yet vehement greefe hath bin
Th'effect and cause, the punishment and sinne
ffather; part of his double interest
Vnto thy kingdome thy sonne giues to mee.
His Ioynture in the knotty Trinity
Hee keepes; and giues to mee his deaths conquest:
This Lamb, (whose death with life the world hath blest,)
Was from the worlds beginning slayne, and Hee
Hath made two wills which* with the Legacy
Of his and thy kingdome doth* thy sonnes in vest.
Yet such are thy Lawes that men argue yet
Whether a man those statuts can fulfill
None doth, but thy all healing grace and spirit
Reuiue and quicken what Law and letter kill
Thy Lawes Abridgement and thy last com̄and
Is All but Loue; oh let thy last will stand

[CW: 5 Oh my___]