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Diuine Meditations.
Thou hast made mee, And shall thy worke decay? [25]
Repayre mee now, for now mine end doth hast
I runn to death, and death meetes mee as fast
And all my pleasures are like yesterday
I dare not moue my dim̄ eyes any way
Despayre behind, and death before doth cast
Such terrour, and my feebled flesh doth wast.
By Sinne in it, wch it t'wards Hell doth weigh
Onely thou art aboue, and when towards thee
By thy leaue I can looke, I rise agayne
But our old subtill foe so tempteth mee
That not one hower my selfe I can sustayne
Thy Grace may wing mee to prvent his Art.
And thou like Adamant drawe mine Iron hart
As due by many Titles I resigne
My Selfe to thee ô God. first was I made
By thee and for thee, and when I was decayd
Thy bloud bought that the w.ch before was thine
I am thy Sonne, made with thy selfe to shine,
Thy Servant, whose paynes thou hast still repayd
Thy Thy Sheepe, thy Image, And (till I betrayd
My selfe) a Temple of thy spirit diuine.
Why doth the Diuell thus vsurpe on mee
Why doth hee steale, nay rauish that's thy right?
Except thou rise and for thine owne worke fight
Oh I shall soone despayre when I shall see
That thou loust Mankind well yet wilt not choose mee
And Satan hates mee yet is lothe to loose mee.

[CW: O might___]