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Christo Saluatori
Wilt thou forgiue that Sinne where I begun [24]
Wch is my Sinne though it was donne before?
Wilt thou forgiue those Sinnes through wch. I run
And doe them still though still I doe deplore?
When thou hast donne I haue not donne
For I haue more.
Wilt thou forgiue that Sinne by wch I wonne
Others to Sinne and made my sinne theyr dore?
Wilt thou forgiue that Sinn wch. I did shun
A yeare or two, but wallowd in a score?
When thou hast donne thou has not donne
ffor I haue more.
I haue a Sinne of feare, that when I haue spun
My last thread I shall perish on the shore
Sweare by thy selfe that, at my death, thy Sunne
Shall shine as it shines now and heeretofore
And hauing donne that thou hast donne
I haue* no more:

[CW: Thou hast___]