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4 Temple
With his kind Mother who pertakes thy woe [22]
Ioseph turne back; See where thy child doth sitt
Blowing, yea blowing out those sparkes of witt
Wch. him selfe on those Doctours did bestow.
The Word but lately could not speake, and Loe
It suddaynly speakes wonders; Whence comes it
That all wch. was and all wch. should bee writt
A shallow seeming Child should deepely know?
His Godhead was not Soule to his Manhood
Nor had time mellowed him to This ripenesse
But as some one who hath long tasks, thinks good
With the Sunne to begin his businesse.
Hee in his Ages Morning thus began
By miracles exceeding power of man
5 Crucifying
By miracles exceeding power of man
Hee fayth in some Enuy in some begate
(For what meek spirits admire, ambitious hate)
In both Affections many to him ran.
But oh the worst are most; They will and can
(Alas!) and doe vnto th'Im̀„aculate
Whose Creature Fate is, now prscribe a Fate
Measuring selfe-lives, infinity to a span
Nay to an inch. Loe where condemned hee
Beares his owne Crosse with payne, yet by and by
When it beares him, hee must be are more and dye
Now thou art lifted vp, drawe mee to thee.
And at thy death giuing such liberall dole
Moyst with one drop of thy bloud my drye Soule

[CW: Moist with]