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[Transcriptions are not provided for noncanonical poems, elegies on Donne by other authors, or prose compositions.] [18-20]
The Crowne.
Daigne at my hands this Crowne of prayer and prayse
Weau'd in my love deuout melancholly
Thou w.ch of God* hast, yea art, a treasury
Allchanging vnchangd Ancient of dayes
But doe not with a vile Crowne of frayle Bayes
Reward my Muses white Sincerity
But what thy Thorny crowne gaynd, that giue mee
A Crowne of glory wch. doth flowre alwayes
The end crownes our workes but thou crown'st or ends
For at our end begins our endlesse rest,
This first last end, now zealously possest
With a strong sober thirst, my soule attends.
Tis time that voyce and heart bee lifted high
Saluation to all that will is nigh
2 Annuciation
Saluation to all that will is nigh

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