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As by the selfe-fixt pole wee never doe [18]
Direct our course, but the next starr thereto
Wch shewes where th'other is, and wch, we say,
(Because it strayes not far) doth never stray:
So God by his Church, neerest to him, we knowe
And stand firme, if wee by her motion goe.
His Spirit, as his fyery pillar, doth
Leade, and his Church, as cloude, to one end both.
This Church by letting these feast ioyne, hath showne
Death and Conception in mankind ar one
Or that in him t'was one humility
That hee would bee a man and leaue to bee
Or, as Creation has had made, as God
With his last Iudgemt. but one period
His imitating Spouse would ioyne in one
Manhoods extreams, hee shall come, hee is gon.
Or as though one bloud drop wch. thence did fall
Accepted, would haue servd, hee yet shedd all:
So though the least of his paynes deeds or words
Would buy a life shee all this day affoords.
This Treasure then in grosse (my Soule) vplay
And in thy* life retayle it every day.
[Transcriptions are not provided for noncanonical poems, elegies on Donne by other authors, or prose compositions.] [18-20]