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Vpon the Annunciation and Passion
falling on one day. An. Do: 168.
Tamely frayle flesh, abstayne to day, to day [17]
My Soule eates Christ twice, hither, and away.
Shee sees him man, so like God made in this
That of them both a Circle Embleme is
Whose first and last concurre. This doubtfull day
Of feast or fast Christ came and went away,
Shee sees him nothing, twice at one, who is all
Shee sees a Cedar plant it selfe, and fall,
Her maker put to making, and the head
Of life, at once, not yet aliue, and dead.
Shee sees at once the virgin mother stay
Reclusd at home, publicke at Golgotha.
Reioyc'd and sadd shee's seene at once, and seene
At almost fifty, and at scarse fifteene.
A Sonne at once is promisd her, and gon.
Gabriel giues Christ to her, Hee her to Iohn.
Not fully a Mother shee's in Orbity
At once receauer, and the Legacy.
All this, and all betweene, this day is showne
Th'Abridgemt. of Christs story wch. makes one
As in playne Mapps the farthest East is West)
The Angels Aue, and the ConsumĖ„atium est.
How well the Church, gods Cort of facultyes
Deales in, sometime, and seldome ioyning these!

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