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The Resurrection, Impfect.
Sleepe, sleepe Old Sunne, thou canst not haue repast [16]
As yet the wound thou tookst on Friday last.
Sleepe then and rest, the world may beare thy stay
A better Sunne rose before thee to day
Who not content t'enlighten all that dwell
On the Earths face, as thou enlightned Hell
And made the darke fires languish in that Vale
As at |thy| presence heere our fire growes pale
Whose body hauing walkd on earth, and now
Hasting to heauen, would (that hee might allow
Himselfe vnto all Stations and fill all)
ffor these 3 dayes become a Minerall.
Hee was all Gold when hee lay downe, but rose
All Tincture, and doth not alone dispose
Leaden and Iron wills to good, but is
Of power to make even sinfull flesh like his.
Had any of those whose credulous piety
Thought that a Soule one might discerne and see
Goe from a body, at this Sepulcher beene
And issuing from the Sheete this body seene
Hee would haue iustly thought this body a soule
If not of any Man, yet of the Whole.

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