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Make* Dirt of Dust? Or that flesh wch was worne [12]
By God, for his apparrell, raggd and torne?
If on these things I durst not looke, durst I
Vpon his miserable Mother cast mine eye?
Who was Gods partner heere, and furnishd thus
Half of the Sacrifice wch ransomd vs.
Though these things, as I ride, bee from mine eye
They ar present yet vnto my memory
For that lookes towards them, And thou look t'wards mee
Ô Sauior as thou hangst vpon the Tree.
I turne my back to thee, but to receaue
Corrections, till thy mercyes bidd thee leaue.
Ô thinke mee worth thine Anger, punish mee,
Burne off my rusts and my deformity
Restore thine Image, so much by thy grace
That thou mayst knowe mee, and Ile turne my face.
Of the Crosse.
Since Christ embrac'd the crosse it selfe, dare I
(His Image) the'Image of his Crosse deny?
Would I haue profit by the Sacrifice
And dare the chosen Altar despise?
It bore all other sinns, but, is it fitt
That it should beare the sinne of scorning it?

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