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Those like so many spheares, but one heaven make,
For they are all concentrique unto thee,
And though each spring do adde to love new heat,
As Princes do in times of action get
New taxes, and remit them not in peace,
No winter shall abate this springs encrease.
Loves Exchange.
Love, any devil else but you,
Would for a given Soul give something too,
At Court your fellows every day,
Give th'art of Riming. Huntsmanship or play,
For them which were their own before;
Onely I have nothing, which gave more,
But am, alas, by being lowly lower.
I ask no dispensation now
To falsifie a tear, a sigh, a vow,
I do not sue from thee to draw
A Non obstante on natures law,
These are prerogatives, they inhere
In thee and thine; none should forswear
Except that he Loves Minion were.
Give me thy weakness, make me blind,
Both wayes, as thou and thine, in eyes and minde;
Love let me never know that this
Is love, or that love childish is.
Let me not know that others know
That she knows my paines, least that so
A tender shame make me mine own woe.

[CW: If]