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But I have told them, since you will be true,
You shall be true to them who're false to you.
Loves Usury.
For every hour that thou wilt spare me now,
I will allow,
Usurious God of Love, twenty to thee,
When with my brown, my gray hairs equal be;
Till then, Love, let my body range, and let
Me travail, sojourn, snatch, plot, have, forget,
Resume my last years relique: think that yet
We'had never met.
Let me think any rivals letter mine,
And at next nine
Keep midnights promise; mistake by the way
The Maid, and tell the Lady of her delay;
Only let me love none, no not the sport;
From Country grass to comefitures of Court,
Or Cities Quelque-choses, let report
My mind transport.
This bargain's good; if when I'am old, I be
Inflam'd by thee,
If thine own honour, or my shame or pain,
Thou covet most, at that age thou shalt gain;
Do thy will then, then subject and degree,
And fruit of love, Love I submit to thee,
Spare me till then, I'le bear it, though she be
One that loves me.

[CW: Canonization]