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Yet she
Will be
False, ere she come to two or three.
Womans Constancy.
Now thou hast lov'd me one whole day,
To morrow when thou leav'st, what wilt thou say?
Wilt thou then Antidate some new made vow?
Or say that now
We are not just those persons which we were?
Or, that oaths made in reverential fear
Of love, and his wrath, any may forswear?
Or, as true deaths true marriages untie,
So Lovers contracts, images of those,
Bind but till sleep, deaths image, them unloose?
Or, your own end to justifie,
For having purpos'd change, and falsehood, you
Can have no way but falsehood to be true?
Vain lunatique, against these scapes I could
Dispute, and conquer, if I would,
Which I abstain to doe,
For by to morrow, I may think so too.
The Undertaking.
I have done one braver thing
Than all the Worthies did;
And yet a braver thence doth spring,
Which is, to keep that hid.

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