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Riding I had yo:u, though yo:u still staid there, [f. 47v]
And in theis thoughts, although yo:u never stirr
Yo:u came wth me to Micham, and are here.|
To Sr Edward Herbert at Julyers
Man is a lumpe, where all beasts kneaded be
Wisdome makes him an Arke, where all agree
The foole in whom theis beasts, do live a jarr
Is sport to others, and a Theater,
Nor* scapes he so, but is himself their prey
All wch was man in him, is eat away.|
And now his beasts on one another feed
Yett couple in anger & new monsters breed.
How happy is he wch hath due place assigned
To his beasts, and disaforisted his mind.
Empald himself, to keepe them out, not in,
Can sowe, & dares trust corne, where they haue bin.
Can vse his horse, Goate, Woolf, and every beast
And is not Ass himself to all the rest.
Elce, man not only is the heard of swine
But he is those divells too, wch did incline

[CW: Them,]