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Suspitious boldnes to this place belongs [f. 46]
And to have as many eares as all have tongues
Tender to know, tough to acknowledge wronges.|
Beleeve me S:r in my youthes giddiest daies
When to be like ye courte, was a plaies praise
Plaies were not so like courtes, as courtes are like plaies.|
Then lett vs at theis mimicke Anticques ieast
Whose deepest proiects, and egregious giestes
Are but dull moralls of a game at Chestes
But now it is incongruity to smile
Therefore I end, And bid farewell a while
At Court, though from Court were ye better stile
To Sr Henry Goodyere.|
Who makes ye past, a paterne for next yeare
Turnes noe new leaf, but still the same things read
Seene thinges he sees againe, heard thinges doth heare
And makes his life, but like a paire of beades

[CW: A]