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Manure thyself then, to thyself be approved [f. 45v]
And with vaine outward things be no more moved
But to know, yt I love thee, and would be loved.|
To Sr Henry Wooton,
Here is no more newes then vertue, I may as well
Tell yo:u Callis, or S:t Michells tale for newes as tell
That vice doth here habitually dwell.|
Yett as to gett stomackes we walke vp & downe
And toile to sweeten rest, So may god frowne
If but to loth both, I haunt Courte or towne.|
For here no one is, from ye extremitye
Of Vice, by anie other reason free
But yt ye next to him, still is worse then he.|
In this worldes warfare, they whom rugged fate
(Godes Comissarie) doth so throughly hate
As in ye Courts squadron to marshall their state
If they stand armd, wth seely honesty
Wth wishing prayers, & neat Integrity
Like Indians gainst Spanish hostes they be

[CW: om]