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Is man now, then before he was, he was, [f. 44v]
Nothing for vs wee are for nothing fitt
Chance or ourselves still disproport┼Źn it,
Wee haue noe power, noe will, noe sense, I lye
I should not then, thus feele this misery,|
To Mr Rowland Woodward
Like one who in her third widdowhead doth profess
Herself a Nunne, tied to retirednes,
So affects my muse, now a chast fallownes;
Since Shee to few, yett too too many hath showne
How love songe-weedes, & Satyrique thornes are growne
Where seedes of better artes, weare early sowne|
Though to vse and love poetry, to me
Betrothd to noe one art, be no Adultery
Omissions of good, ill, as ill deeds be|
For though to vs it seeme, & be light and thinn
Yett in those faithfull scales, where God throwes in
Mens workes, Vanity wages as much as sin.|

[CW: om]