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Vpon the waters face; Nor in the Deepe [f. 41v]
Sincke like a lead without a line; But as
Fishes glide leaving noe print when they passe,
Nor making sound; Soe closelie thy Course goe,
Lett Men dispute, whether thou breath, or noe.
Onelie in this one thing bee noe Gallenist. To make
Courts hott ambitions, wholsome; doe not take
A dramme of countrie dulnes, doe not add
Correctives, but as Chimickes purge the badd.
But S, I advise not yow, I rather doe
Saie ore those lessons, which I learn'd of yow.
Whome free from Germane Schysmes, and lightnes
O'f France, and faire Italies faithlesnes,
Hauing from these suck'd all they had of worth
And brought home that faith, wch yow carryed forth
I throughlie loue. But if my self, I haue wonne
To knowe my rules; I haue, and yow haue
The Storme. To Mr Christopher Brooke.
Thou, which art I, (t'is nothing to bee soe,)
Thou which art still thy self, by these shall knowe
Part of our Passages; and a hand or Eie
By Hilyard drawne is worth a Historie

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