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How good in all her Titles, and how meete [f. 37]
To haue reform'd this forward Heresie
That Weomen can not* Part of freindship bee.
How morrall, how deuine shall not bee told,
Least they that heare her Vertues, think her old.
And least wee take Deaths Part, and make him gladd
Of such a Pray, and to his tryumphe add.|
Elegie. on Mrs Boulstred.
Death I recant, and saie, vnsaid by Mee
What ere hath sly'pt, that might diminish Thee.
Spirituall Treason, Atheisme tis to saie
That Anie can thy Summons disobaie.
Th'Earthes Face is but thy Table; There are sett
Plants, Cattle, Men, dishes for death to eate.
In a rude hunger, now hee Millions drawes
Into his bloodie, or Plaguie, or Starved Iawes.
Now hee will seeme to spare, and doth more wast
Eating the best first, well preserv'd to last.
Now wantonlie hee spoyles, and eates vs not
But breakes of Freinds, and letts vs peecemeale rott.
Nor will this Earth serve him: Hee synkes the deepe

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