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Rise from the foote, Louers may doe so too. [f. 35v]
For as free Sphæres move faster farr, then can
Byrdes, when* the Ayre resistes: Soe may that Man
Which goes this emptie, and ætheriall waie
Then if at Beauties Elements hee staie.
Rich Nature hath in Woaman wiselie made
Two Purses, and their Mouthes auerslie laide.
They then which to the lower, Tribute owe
That waie, which that Exchequor lookes, must goe.
Hee wch doth not, his Error is as great
As who by Clyster gaue the Stomach Meate.|
Elegie. On the Ladie Markham.|
Man is the World, and Death the Ocean [f. 35v]
To which God giues the lower parts of Man.
The Sea invirons all, and though as yett
God haue sett Markes, and Bounds twixt vs, and it,
Yett doth it weare, and gnawe, and still pretend
And breakes our Banckes when ere it takes a frend.
Then our land-waters (Teares of passion) vent
Our Waters there aboue our firmament.
(Teares wch or Soule doth for her Sinne lett fall)

[CW: Take]