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Which oh! shall Strangers tast? Must I alas [f. 33v]
Frame, and enamell Plate, and drinke in Glasse?
Chafe Waxe for others Seales? Breake a Colts force
And leave him then, being made a readie Horse?
Elegie. On Loues Progresse|
Who euer loues, if hee doe not propose
The right true end of loue; Hee's one wch goes
To Sea for nothing, but to make him sicke
And loue is a Beare whelpe borne, If wee ouer lick't,
Our loue, and force it new strange Shapes to take
Wee erre, and of a lumpe, a Monster make.
Were not a Calfe a Monster, that were growen
Fac'd like a Man, thoughe better then his owne?
Perfection is in Vnitie; Preferre
One woaman first, and then one thing in her.
I, when I valew Gold maie think vpon
The ducktilnes, the Application
The wholesomenes, the Ingenuitie
From rust, from soyle, from fire eur free
But if I love it, t'is because tis made

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