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His warme land, well content to think thee Page [f. 32v]
Will haunt thee wth such lust, and hideous rage
As Lottes faire Guestes were vex't: But none of these
Nor spungie- hydroptique- Dutch shall thee displease
If thou staie heere; Oh staye heere; For, for Thee
England is onelie a worthie Gallerie
To walke in expectac̄on, till from thence
Our great King call thee to his presence.
When I am gone dreame mee some happines
Nor lett thy lookes, our long hidd loue confesse,
Nor praise, nor dispraise Mee: blesse or Curse
Openlie, loues force: Nor in bedd fright thy Nurse
With midnight* startinges, Crying out Oh, oh,
Nurse,* My loue is slayne: I saw him goe
Or'e the whyte Alpes alone, I sawe him, I
Assaild, fight, taken, stab'd, bleede, fall, and die.
Augur mee better Chaunce, Except dread Iove
Thinke it enoughe for Mee, t' haue had thy loue.
Natures laye-Ideott, I taught thee, to love,
And in that sophistrie; oh thou did'st* prove
Too subtle: Foole! Thou didst not vnderstand

[CW: The]