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Shall spring. Thousands wee see wch travayle not [f. 31v]
To warres: but stay Swords, Armes, and Shott
To make at home. And shall not I doe then
More glorious Service staying, To make Men.
Elegie 11.
By our first strang, and fatall Interveiwe,
By all desires, wch thereof did ensue,
By our long starving hopes, by that remorse
Which my wordes masculine perswasive force
Begott in thee, and by the memorie
Of hurtes, wch Spies, and Riualls threatned mee
I calmelie begg: But by thy Parents wrath
By all paines, wch want, and diuorcement hath
I coniure thee, and all those* oathes, which I
And thou haue sworne to seale ioynt Constancie.
Heere I vnsweare, and ouer sweare them thus.
Thou shalt not loue by meanes soe dangerous.
Temper (o faire loue) loues impetuous rage,
Bee my true Mistris still, not my faign'd Page ...
Ile goe, and by thy kind leave, leave behynd
Thee onelie worthie, to nurce in my mynd

[CW: Thirst]