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Elegie 9.
Oh! let mee not serve soe as those Men serve, [f. 29v]
Whome honors smoakes at once fatten, and sterue.
Poorelie inric'ht with great Mens words, or lookes,
Nor to write my name in thy loving Bookes.
As those Idolatrous flatterers; wch still
Their Princes stiles, wch manie Realmes fulfill.
Whence they noe tribute haue, and where noe swaye.
Such seruices I offer as shall paye
Themselves, I hate dead names: oh then lett mee
Fauorite in ordinarie, or noe Fauorite bee.
When my Soule was in her owne bodie sheath'd
Nor yet by oathes betroath'd, nor kisses breath'd
Into my Purgatorie faithlesse thee,
Thy Hart seem'd Waxe, and Steele thy Constancie.
Soe carelesse Flowers strowed on ȳ waters face
The curled Whirle-Poole* suck, smack, and embrace,
Yet drowne them. Soe the Tapers beamie Eie
Amorouslie twinckling beckens the giddie Flie
Yet burnes his winges; And such the Deuill is
Scarst* visiting them who are intirelie his.
When I behold a Streame, wch from the Springe

[CW: Doth]