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And vnsuspected hast invisiblie [f. 28]
At once fledd vnto him, and stay'd with Mee.
Base Excrement of Earth, wch dost confound
Sence, from distinguishing the sicke, from sound.
By thee, the sillie Amorous suckes his Death,
By drawing in a leprous Harlotts breath.
By thee the greatest stayne to Mans Estate
Falles on Vs, to bee cal'd Effeminate.
Thoughe yow bee much lov'd in the Prince Hall
These thinges that seeme, exceede substantiall.
Gods! when yow fumde on Altars were pleasd well,
Because yow were burnt, not that they lik't yor smell.
Yow are loathsome all being taken simplie alone,
Shall wee loue ill-thinges ioynd? & hate each One?
If yow were good, your good doth soone decaye,
And yow are rare, that takes the good awaye.
All my Perfumes I giue most willinglie
To embalme thy fathers* Coarse; What will hee die?
Elegie .7.
Heere take my Picture, thoughe I bidd farewell.
Thine in my hart, where my Sowle dwelles shall dwell.
Tis like mee now; but I dead, t'will bee more

[CW: When.]