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By Nature, wch gaue it, this libertie [f. 26v]
Thou lov'st, but oh! can'st thou loue it, and Mee?
Likenes glewes loue; then if soe thou doe,
To make vs lyke, and love, Must I chang too?
More then thy hate, I hate it: Rather lett Mee
Allowe her Change, then Change as oft as Shee;
And soe not teach, but force my Opinion
To love not anie One, nor Euerie One.
To liue in one land, is Captiuitie,
To runne all Countries a wild Roguerie.
Waters stinck soone if in one place they bide,
And in the vast Sea are worse putrified.
But when they kisse one Banck, and leaving this
Never looke backe, but the next Banck doe kisse,
Then are they purest. Change is the Nurcerie
Of Musick, Ioye, Lyfe, and Aeternitie.
Elegie .6.
Once, and but once found in thy Companie.
All thy suppos'd Escapes are layd on Mee.
And as a Theife at Barr is questioned there
By all the Men, that haue bene rob'd that yeare,
Soe am I (by this trayterous Meanes surpriz'd)

[CW: By]