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Elegie .4.
Marrie, and loue thy Flavia, for shee [f. 25]
Hath all thinges, whereby others bewtious bee.
For though her Eies bee small, her Mouth is great,
Though they bee Iuorie, yet her Teeth bee Iett.
Though they bee dimne yet they* are* light enough,
And though her harsh haire fall, her skinn is rough.
What though her Cheekes bee yellow, her haire is redd,
Give her thine, and shee hath a Maydenhead.
These thinges are Beauties Elementes, when these
Meete in One, that One must bee* as perfect, please:
If redd, and white, and each good qualitie
Bee in thy wench, ne're aske where it doth lie.
In buying thinges perfum'd wee aske if there
Bee Muske, and Amber in it, but not where
Though all her Partes bee not in the vsuall Place,
Shee hath an Anagram of a good face.
If wee might put the letters but one waie,
In the leane dearth of letters, what could wee saie?
When by the Gamut some Musitians make
A perfect Song: Others will vndertake,
By the same Gamut chang'd, to equall it;
Thinges simplie good, can neuer bee vnfitt.
Shee is as faire as anie, if all bee like her,
And if none bee, the Shee is singular.
All loue is wonder: if wee iustlie doe
Account* her wonderfull, why not louelie too?

[CW: Loue]