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Tyr'de now I'le leave this Place, and but plea'sd soe [f. 18]
As Men, wch from Iailes to Execution goe.
Goe through the Great Chamber (why is it hung)
With the Seuen deadlie Sinnes? Being among
Theis Ascaparts, Men bigg enough to throwe
Charing Crosse for a Barr; Men wch doe knowe
Noe token of worth, but Queenes Man, and fine
Living Barrells of Beofe, Flaggons of Wine.
I shooke like a Spied Spie. Preachers wch are
Seas of Wittes and Artes, yow can; then dare
Drowne the Sinnes of this Place. For, for Mee
Who am a shallowe brooke, yt enoughe shall bee
To washe their Staines awaie, though I yet
With Machabus* modestie, the Meritt
Of my worke lessen, yet some wise-man shall
(I hope) esteeme my Writtes, Canonicall.|
Satyra .5a.|
Thou shalt not laughe in this leafe Muse, nor they
Whome anie pittie warnes: Hee wch did lay
Rules to make Courtiers, (hee being vnderstood
Maie make good Courtiers, but who Courtiers good?)
Frees from the stinges of Iestes all who in extreame
Are wretched, or wicked; of theis two a Theame

[CW: Charitie]