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Satyra 4a.
Well, I maie now receiue, and die: My Sinne [f. 14]
Indeede is great, but I haue bene in
A Purgatorie, and as fear'd Hell is
A recreation, and skant Mappe of this.
My Mind, nor with Prides Itche, nor yet hath bene
Poisoned with Loue to see, or to bee seene.
I had noe Suite there, nor new Sute to showe,
Yet went to Court. But as Glaze wch did goe
To a Masse in iest, catc'hd, was faine to disburse
The hundred Markes, wch is the Statutes Curse
Before hee scap't: Soe it pleas'd my Destinie
(Guiltie of my Sinne of going) to thinke mee
As prone to all Ill, and of good, as forgett=
Full, as proud, lustfull, and as much in debt,
As vaine, as witles, and as false as they
Wch dwell at Court, for once going that way
Therefore I suffered thys; Towardes mee did runn
A thing more strang, then on Nilus slyme the Sunne
Ere bredd; Or all wch into Noahs Arke came.
A thing wch would haue pos'd Adam to name,
Stranger then seven Antiquaries Studies,
Then Affrique-Monsters, Guiana's rarities.
Stranger then strangest. One who for a Dane
In the Danes Massacre had sure bene slaine
If hee had lyu'd then, and without helpe dyes,
When next the Prentizes against Strangers rise.
One whome the Watche at Noone let's scarse go by,

[CW: One]