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A licentious person.
Thy sinnes and haires may no man equall call,
For, as thy sinnes increase, thy haires doe fall.
If in his Studie he hath so much care
To'hang all old strange things, let his wife beware.
Thy father all from thee, by his last Will
Gave to the poore; Thou hast good title still.
Thy flattering picture, Phryne, is like thee,
Onely in this, that you both painted be.
An obscure writer.
Philo, with twelve yeares study, hath beene griev'd,
To'be understood, when will hee be beleev'd.
Klockius so deeply hath sworne, ne'r more to come
In bawdie house, that hee dares not goe home.

[CW: Raderus]