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A burnt ship.
Out of a fired ship, which, by no way
But drowning, could be rescued from the flame,
Some men leap'd forth, and ever as they came
Neere the foes ships, did by their shot decay;
So all were lost, which in the ship were found,
They in the sea being burnt, they in the burnt ship drown'd.
Fall of a wall.
Under an undermin'd, and shot-bruis'd wall
A too-bold Captaine perish'd by the fall,
Whose brave misfortune, happiest men envi'd,
That had a towne for tombe, his bones to hide.
A lame begger.
I am unable, yonder begger cries,
To stand, or moue; if he say true, hee lies.
A selfe accuser.
Your mistris, that you follow whores, still taxeth you:
'Tis strange that she should thus confesse it, though'it be true.

[CW: A]