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Who though from heart, and eyes,
They exact great subsidies,
Forsake him who on them relies;
And for the cause, honour, or conscience give;
Chimeraes, vaine as they, or their prerogative.
Here Statesmen, (or of them, they which can reade,)
May of their occupation finde the grounds,
Love and their art alike it deadly wounds,
If to consider what 'tis, one proceed,
In both they doe excell
Who the present governe well,
Whose weaknesse none doth, or dares tell;
In this thy booke, such will their nothing see,
As in the Bible some can finde out Alchymie.
Thus went thy thoughts; abroad I'll studie thee,
As he removes farre off, that great heights takes;
How great love is, presence best triall makes,
But absence tries low long this love will be;
To take a latitude
Sun, or starres, are fitliest view'd
At their brightest, but to conclude
Of longitudes, what other way have we,
But to marke when, & where the dark eclipses bee?
Good we must love, and must hate ill,
For ill is ill, and good good still,

[CW: But]